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5 New Posts to Better Your Blog

Always reading and learning to improve your blog or  web site is crucial, here are 5 recent articles that will help you out…

  1. 10 Easy Ways to Improve Internal Linking on Your Blog (Daily Blog Tips)
  2. Social Media Marketing Strategy #1: Re-Submitting Linkbaits for Viral Success (Dosh Dosh)
  3. A Definitive StumbleUpon Guide: Driving Traffic To Websites (Shaun Low)
  4. 170+ Expert Ideas From World’s Leading Developers (Smashing)
  5. 5 things you should already know in WordPress (little ubuntu)

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10+ Facebook WordPress Plugins and Widgets

imageIn the style of Mashable’s Toolboxes and Lists, I dedicate this one to all the dorks out there like me who want to share their personal life with their non-personal blogging life…


WordPress – Create a account AND access your account from directly in Facebook. Publishes from accounts into Facebook News Feeds, Mini-Feeds and adds a box in your profile that is customizable.


WordBook – This plugin essentially allows you to cross-post to your Facebook account directly from your WordPress blog

Blog Friends – Share and receive recommendation based blogs and blog posts


Facebook Photos for WordPress Plugin – by TanTan Noodles – “This WordPress

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Must HAVE Automatic Separate Blog Backup with BlogBackupOnline

 As a proud guest writer on, I have come across some great (and always FREE) web applications. BlogBackupOnline, not only surprised me at how easy it was to setup, it’s also an amazing MUST HAVE web utility…

BlogBackupOnline Features

  • Securely store and backup your blog data online.
  • Schedule automatic backups (daily, weekly, monthly) and backup reports.
  • Export: Download and Save backups to your PC.
  • Restore Backup: quickly restore or transfer your blog to another location.
  • Supported blogging platforms: Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Friendster, LiveJournal, Serendipity, Windows Live Space, Movable Type, Terapad, and Vox. (more on the way)
  • Receive up to 50 MB of free backup space (don’t worry it’s more than enough for most of the folks).
  • Backup blog images (JPEG, GFI, PNG, TIFF, BMP) and videos.
  • Browse website in English or Spanish.

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WordPress Design and Maintenance Tips from the Experts

I won’t lie, I certainly would not call myself an ‘expert’ on WordPress, I’m getting there though. As always, my education section (in chronological order to teach from the beginning onward) is aimed at educating on all that is RSS Feeds, WordPress and the Internet. So here are recent tips from ‘experts’:

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Google Analytics and Feedburner Reports plugin for WordPress

The WordPress Reports Plugin utilizes information from Google Analytics and from Feedburner and displays the crucial statistics for your blog right in your WordPress “Site Admin” menus. I love it and it’s definitely different information and output compared to the WordPress Stats plugin (plus you don’t need a API).


  • Provides you with a birds-eye view of what’s going on with your site
  • Retrieves data from Google Analytics and Feedburner
  • Reports are represented visually with graphs
  • Choose the reports you want to view
  • Ability to automatically install the Google Analytics tracking code for you, along with optional outbound link tracking.
  • Includes a WordPress widget to display your most popular content.
  • Automatically check for updates to the plugin
  • Other services coming soon (hopefully)…

Using this information, I can see what is popular in order to focus my content on my visitors, because my posts and this information isn’t just for my benefit.

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Update fantversion.php After Manual WordPress Upgrade in a Fantastico Script Installed WordPress Installation

Basically, after manually updating for the past 2 WordPress Updates, I noticed that on my Bluehost Hosting Package whenever I clicked on my WordPress Installations it always had the original version # and asked if I wanted to “Upgrade” to the latest WordPress version. Here’s the easy fix:

  1. In your WordPress Installation Directory find the file “fantversion.php”
  2. Edit it and change the “$version = ‘2.2’” to “$version = ‘2.2.2’”
  3. Upload and the message disappears in the the Fantastico De Luxe menus

WordPress Updates their Upgrading WordPress Extended Detailed Instructions Upgrade Page

imageVery odd, but as I was writing the previous post on Manual Upgrade WordPress Installation via FTP – in 5 Easy Steps and went back to the “Upgrading WordPress Extended Detailed Instructions Page” and it had changed to include more information. Check it out. They basically compressed several pages into one. Looks much better. Kudos.

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