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Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Now Available – Microsoft Live Installer Package Snuck in

Windows Live Writer Info I kind of was expecting Live Writer to come out of Beta, but I suppose it could be a good thing that it didn’t. Either way, I’m excited, since this is my primary blogging tool.

***Microsoft Sneaks in the Windows Live installation into the installation….

Windows Live Installer Package

Some highlights of this release:

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Windows Live Package is Up and Running

Through, you can now get and configure all of Microsoft Live’s products:

Windows Live All Screen Shot

Windows Live World Screen Shot

My question is, before I try this, I already have half of these installed already, what then?

Microsoft’s Silverlight Page down? with Error?

I have the beta of Microsoft Silverlight and read that the new version is out, so first, naturally, I went to, which is not Microsoft’s Silverlight, then I went to, which is for getting a Silverlight Streaming account, finally after a quick Google search, the correct site is:, to which I get this error…

Silverlight Error

Pressing OK, does nothing, the page remains blank… Nice one Microsoft, nice one…

Microsoft Silverlight’s Tafiti Search

tafiti Logo

This search engine is pretty amazing and is based on the lightweight Microsoft Silverlight. Here is a screenshot of the sexy search engine tafiti:

tafiti screenshot

 Tafiti searches includes:

  • The Web
  • News
  • RSS Feeds
  • Books
  • Photos

My favorite aspect of tafiti is the “glass shelf” (and not the abundant usage of all lowercase letters)… As the Post it Note Says:

tafiti Post it Glass Shelf

After placing the items in the “glass shelf” you can label items, then look at the individual items on a case by case basis. The options that follow from there are:

  • Blog it
  • E-mail it
  • View “Feed” or item

Viewing Item tafiti

It’s a rough start, but it’s definitely a new way of search. Now for the “dorky” aspect, press the “Tree” at the top of the Web Search Resultstafiti Tree and behold the Tree of Search Results:

Tree Tafiti

The image above actually spins and using the slide of the bottom can “grow” or “shrink” the tree/search results. Dorky but definitely not necessary.

Anyway, this is the first start of something useful and for the public from Silverlight that seems to have been “released”. I expect in a few months from now a slew of true Web 2.0 Silverlight Applications.

Live Writer Beta 2 Flickr Trick

First, I only discovered after I downloaded Microsoft Live Writer that it was Beta 2 a week later. Apparently, it doesn’t say anything on the site, but according to the Microsoft Live Writer Blog, it’s the new version. Either way, I’m glad I didn’t have to bother with the old version. Anyway, the purpose of this post, is because I got a Comment! Woo! I love Comments! Figured, it was an interesting tip to share:

“Last week I discovered (by accident) that if you right click on a pic in Flickr and select Copy Link Location (NOT Image Location) you can CTRL-V it straight into Live Writer – AND it correctly copies the ‘alt’ info as well.

When I typed in an ‘alt’ tag directly into WLW it was not appearing on my WordPress blog (not Now it does.”

Thank you David for Reading and Commenting!

Insert Flickr Image Live Writer Plugin = Awesome

Adam HirschIn one fell swoop I can enter in my username, the search by photo sets (I break everything into sets), then choose the picture size and any attributes, then insert! Woo!Oh Microsoft Live Writer, why has Microsoft done something right again. Looks like I’ll have to create a new category for Microsoft now… hmm, perhaps it should be called “Microsoft does something right”. The plugin for Microsoft Live Writer “Insert Flickr Image” is in this hyperlink. Hope it works, I’m also going to use the Digg Live Writer plugin, and according to a recent article and ruling, which I will adhere to, Digg Spam Sucks, I will just use this for totally “original” content! Which this is…

Sweet Success on Posting to 2 blogs Easily

I figured it out, with no help from the public, hopefully this helps someone else! I have now used Windows Live Writer (Beta) to publish to my 2 separate blogs in 4 easy steps. 1. Write Post  2. Publish Post 3. Switch Blog 4. Publish Post! Wooo!

Adam Hirsch Flickr Photos Adam Hirsch