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Video Game Console Timeline

Magnavox OdysseyI “StumbledUpon” this today and thought it would be nice to share this with you… The Game Console hosts “A Brief History of The Home Video Game Console”. First one listed is: Magnavox Odyssey, Released in 1972 and it goes on from there, with pictures. I hope you enjoy and learn as much as I did.


United States 15th in Average Broadband Speeds

I StumbledUpon this, found it quite interesting…


Change of Pace: Drunk Animals in the Wild

This video brings out all sorts of emotions, from so sad, to soo funny, too whaa???

What do you get when you combine fermented fruit and wild things from the bush? Drunk animals of course!

Breaking: Israeli Hackers 100% Unlock the iPhone Yet Again, AT&T Shrugs

This post is mainly for the picture below… for the yadda yadda yadda, click through the link. 


Breaking: Israeli Hackers 100% Unlock the iPhone Yet Again, AT&T Shrugs

New Superbad I am McLovin T-shirt

I am excited SnorgTee’s in now carrying a Superbad “I am McLovin” T-shirt:

I Am McLovin

Also, from my previous post: SuperBad I am McLovin T-Shirts

If you saw SuperBad you know McLovin is the man and the opening credits were awesome. Nerdyshirts now has a “I am McLovin” T-shirt. Ummm, buy one…

I Am McLovin T-Shirt

Google to add transit maps for New York

I’ll be excited when they add it to the Google Mobile version. Even after 4 years in the city, I still forget what goes where sometimes… Especially those West side subway lines.  

Google TransitGoogle has been providing Google Maps-based public transit directions for a few years now. If you happen to live in Portland, San Diego, Pittsburgh, or a handful of other cities, that is.
But Bloomberg is reporting that Google Transit is about to add directions for the largest public transportation system in the country: New York City.
Earlier this year, Google added subway stop information to New York City maps. But there was no way to get directions from one stop to another. According to Bloomberg, Google is working with New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New Jersey Transit to develop the trip planner.

Google to add transit maps for New York

Weird Deep-Sea Creatures Found in Atlantic

 * Change of pace just to scare/amaze you*

An international team of 31 researchers found this and other strange animals while exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater mountain range that runs from Iceland to the Azores islands west of Portugal… Read more at Weird Deep-Sea Creatures Found in Atlantic.

deepsea1 deepsea2 deepsea4

His googly eyes are my favorite:


Adam Hirsch Flickr Photos Adam Hirsch