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Yahoo! Mail Beta Rollout Might take 6 Weeks for Some

 Direct from Yahoo! themselves…

Q) How can you tell if you are out of Beta?
A) If you are still unsure about whether or not you are actually out of beta, just take a look at the Yahoo! Mail logo in the upper left corner of the browser window. If the “BETA” is gone, you have already been migrated over.

Q) If I’m still in Beta, when will I be switched?
A) We are in the process of rolling it out to everyone, but because of number of users it could be anywhere from this week, to as long as six weeks. We’re trying to get it done as quickly as possible, but there are a lot of servers so please be patient.

To see Yahoo’s Party and Celbrations of the Launch: Launch of All-New Mail is Bigger Than Life

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Yahoo! Address Guard is my Daily Disposable Email Directory

I use Yahoo’s AddressGuard for every single web site/social network/beta test I sign up for, because you never know… Here are my 3 easy steps to creating one through Yahoo! (note this is a Yahoo! Mail Plus feature):

  1. From the Yahoo! Toolbar, I go to “Mail” –> Add Disposable AddressSelect My Disposable Addresses from the Toolbar's Mail menu.
  2. Enter the name of the web site after my “basename” (see below*)Supply a keyword, a delivery folder, and a note, then click the Add Disposable Address button.
  3. Copy the new Disposable E-mail and paste it on the site’s signup e-mail address form

Click the Copy Address to Clipboard link to copy the new address.

*All the disposable addresses that you create in AddressGuard use the same simple pattern:

Learn More at:

  1. Using Disposable Addresses
  2. AddressGuard on the Yahoo! Toolbar
  3. Seeing Who Uses Your Disposable Addresses
  4. Sending Message Using Disposable Addresses

Compared to Top 20 Temporary and Disposable Email Services, Yahoo’s Address Guard is best and allows to have it already built into your e-mail and toolbar.

Yahoo! Mail Plus definitely worth the $20

It’s only $20 per year and to me, it was worth it just so I didn’t have any ads to deal with. However, there are several perks, which I’ll copy and paste below:

Yahoo! Mail Plus Features

My favorite feature that I use everyday is the AddressGuard / Disposable Addresses… Which I will talk about in my next post.

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New Category – Shout for Yahoo!

Yahoo!Well, as far as I can remember, aside from AOL, Yahoo! was the first web site that was “FULL” of content, utilities and options. Yahoo! basically was the only competitor to AOL in the earlier years of the web, the 14.4 kbs years, 28.8 kbs was just coming out and way to expensive.

Old Yahoo Toolbar

Old Yahoo Toolbar

Old Yahoo Toolbar

*Screenshots courtesy of the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine*

Anyhoo, I’ve been into Yahoo! since and I have lots of good things to say and a few negatives. So, let’s Shout for Yahoo!

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