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Google Copies My Yahoo! Layouts for iGoogle

No surprise here, but it seems a little obvious less than just a week after I posted that My Yahoo! allowed for newer layouts, unusually similar to the new iGoogle layouts. FYI, I use both MyYahoo! and iGoogle as start pages…

igoogle edit layout

iGoogle now allows users to choose different layout for their tabs, by the number and size of the columns. To edit your tab, just click on “Edit this tab” under the down arrow igoogle arrow next to the tab name. Edit iGoogle Layout (via Googlified)


Google Earth Easter Egg: Flight Simulator

I’m a big dork, so this is cool… 

Apparently, the latest version of Google Earth has an easter egg: a flight simulator. It’s not quite like Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it’s a promising start.

How to see this feature. Make sure you have Google Earth 4.2. Open the application, click on the globe and then press Ctrl+Alt+A. You should see this dialog that lets you choose one of the two aircrafts (F16 “Viper” and SR22) and an airport.

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Google Shows President Succession as Hottest Trend

America isn’t too bright and Google always proves it with it’s Top 100 Google Hot Trends, here’s what’s happening right this second… Thankfully though, American Googlers are smart enough to hopefully want President Bush impeached, but hopefully after Googling it, they’ll realize they’ll have to kick out Cheney too…

TOP 4 Trends:

  1. presidential succession
  2. britney spears no pants
  3. wwe suspensions
  4. chris brown kiss kiss video

Google Web Toolkit: Towards a better web

 Oh Google…

We’re very pleased to tell you that the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is no longer in beta as of today’s release of GWT 1.4. For Java developers who have used GWT to create high-end web applications over the last year, this may not seem all that surprising. But if you haven’t yet heard the story behind GWT, this seems like the perfect time…Download GWT 1.4

Google Web Toolkit: Towards a better web

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It’s Not a TUMOR!!! – Google Adsense Reading my Blog All Wrong


Just in case it’s not there right now, these were the first ads in my Google Adsense just a couple of moments ago…

Google Adsense Fatty Tumor

Ummm, the Fatty Talks has nothing to do with such sad events as “Fatty Tumors”, in fact the only potentially depressing category is Stupid America. So, F off Google and make your Google Adsense a little more receptive to my page!

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Everyone Blogs About The Same Thing – Google Edition

I just saw the release, now I only assume that there were be a slew of blogs reporting this from now till at least 2 days from now. This happens with all the “major” Google/YouTube and Apple related releases. I’ve seen probably at least 15 posts of the exact same thing over and over again in 48 hours. Don’t these blogs assume that if it’s on one of the big Tech blogs, people will see it there? As I’m compiling this list today, I’ve noticed over 20 Rhapsody + URGE posts, probably should’ve covered that, but for now seems like the blogs have taken the bait.

Either way, my guess is, this is one of those posts. Here will be a record of releases:

  1. YouTube-style Embeddable Maps (Google LatLong)
  2. Google Maps Launches Embedded Maps (Mashable)
  3. Embed your Google My Maps… (GoogleMapsMania)
  4. Embeddable Google Maps (Googlified)
  5. Add Directions to your Site via Google Maps (CyberNet News)
  6. Google launches embeddable map feature (Digg News)
  7. Google Adds Embedding To Google Maps (TechCrunch)
  8. Google Maps Adds Dead Easy Map Embedding (InsideGoogle)
  9. Maps! Get Your Google Maps! (Website Magazine)

Now that’s it the next day, while I was waiting for some more, I believe Google’s Overlay Video Ads and Google Earth Sky definitely had more than the posts above of the EXACT same kind, but I didn’t keep track of those. Probably should have, would’ve proved my point even further. I’m shocked that there are over 20 Google Earth Postings so far today…

*Note that I don’t publish these mass posts on here… Unless I beat all you f-ckers out, like in the Facebook Enables E-mail Post. Check out the time stamp! Boo YAH!

Laiba: Google’s New Social Network

Laiba is way too close to the word Labia (warning Wikipedia is surprisingly and thoroughly graphic through the link), which is not the best term in the English Language for a Social Network. So, I only assume Google will change the name of the network before and IF it gets to the English speaking world.

tianya laiba

Kai-Fu Lee, president of Google China, said in a recent interview that the company will “acquire one or two companies in China, and invest in four to five companies” over the next year and has “plans to start social-networking services in China [… from …] partnerships or buy local companies to reach that goal.”

Just a few days after the interview, Google and its Chinese partner Tianya launched a new social networking site – Laiba – on top of Tianya’s mega-forum. Laiba is “come here” or “come bar” in Chinese, depending on the context. (The name of the service is “come here” but individual communities, or bars, are called “come bar”.) Laiba: Google’s New Social Network

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