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I’ve been subscribed to Thrillist for a long time and now, as a blogger, I can share the love… from 3 locales: New York, Nation, and LA

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Who needs the Kwik E Mart




I doooooo! West 42nd Street across from Port Authority… Good times. I got a Slurpee and a Buzz Cola. Interesting tidbit, Buzz Cola produced by 7-11.

I Love Comments – Linux Edition – Wii Edition

WiiTennis Thank you Xivulon, much appreciated comment: “Most likely the driver for your video card was not installed, see how to install it from command line. Ask in the Wubi forum or in the general Ubuntu forum. In short you have to get network up, then install Linux-restricted-modules, and then the appropriate driver for your video card.”

Thanks, that definitely sounds like what could’ve happened, I did remember the “recognizing the hardware” screen go a little too fast, if you know what I mean. However, I just bought a Wii today, Woooo. Ubuntu might have to wait… awhile…  But thanks again and I will see how to do it…eventually…

Flashback: Internet – Ministry of Tech – The Best of Tech

This video is 6 minutes long, but it’s totally a captivating watch. Basically, “Just try and remember, if you can, what you were doing around this time. This clip, courtesy of CBC, is a report from 1993 about the Internet and what it is. It’s interesting to watch this realizing what we know now and how far we have come in developing this massive”. What was I doing at the time? Probably amazed that I called my best friend and could type back and forth live… One year later, AOL and Prodigy led to IM, Chat Rooms, Web Sites and porn. 

Flashback: Internet – Ministry of Tech – The Best of Tech it is until I find a way

Well, till I find a way to post to both of my blogs at the same time (please, some help??) I will be posting only to my new blog,

Syndicate to

Well, I’ve officially setup my new blog which looks and acts like this blog, but it’s backed by . So here’s my question to you all, how / what should I use to post to both and, I’ve heard and looked through all the syndicate plugins, nothing really worked well. Is there a program I could use? PLEASE HELP! Why isn’t there a synchronize 2 blogs button or plugin or program?

By the Way, Mike White (From School of Rock)…

By the Way, Mike White (From School of Rock) was who I was thinking of that was in the interesting article from New York Magazine about Judd Apatow and Mike White calling him out for having a derogatory movie about homosexuals… FYI, Mike White, is wrong since nothing related was ever in the movie.

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