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Pee Powered Battery Now Available

No shit??? (sorry if you realized the pun )


Pee Powered Battery Now Available (via TreeHugger)


ION TTUSB10 USB Turntable Review

 I want one!!! Finally my kickass record collection can move to the city with me!

ION TTUSB10 USB Turntable Review

Nerds Finally Get Action – Electronic Spin the Bottle

My assumption is that if this electronic Spin the Bottle can be modified by clever nerds and dorks, this can give them the advantage during their high school years. Program away virgin nerds! Program away…


Electronic Spin the Bottle

Panasonic/Sharper Image $5,000 chair!

If I had the money, I’d buy this in a second, even though I have no place for it. Unfortunately, I certainly don’t have $5,000 for a chair…  but this is my Dream Chair!!!!

panasonic massage chair“What your body craves.”

Panasonic is going for “sex sell” with what you might assume to be something that, ahem, vibrates. They have packed 460 inches of air massage and 200 inches of back massage into their new luxury message chair, the EP30006 specifically for the Sharper Image.

If you’ve not been paying Panasonic much attention, clearly I have not, then you might not know they have an extensive line of massage chairs (I count 14 models) that peak with the EP30006 luxury model. Panasonic features the new “Junetsu” fine-knead technique as well as 1117 massage modes (total) including the old standbys: Shiatsu and Swedish massage. Panasonic rounds the chair out with storage for 24 individual programs and includes being endorsed by the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) .

The chair uses a pressure sensitive scan to make a map of your back taking into account your height and spine curve. The resultant massage is custom sized just for you.

This chair at the Sharper Image will set you back $4799.

Product Page [Panasonic]

Panasonic/Sharper Image $5,000 chair!

USB Heating Slippers Review

Now this I WILL need and buy for the winter, possible electrocution side effects? Either way, the review below says “Pricing ranges from $20-30 plus shipping, which is money well spent in my opinion”… Hell, that’s good enough for me to purchase them. 

Summertime: a time for shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and Warmmi’s USB Heating Slippers. Yes, thanks to the modern marvel of air conditioning, our work and home environments are either excruciatingly hot or bloody cold. With our luck, it’s usually the latter. Read on to see how this fuzzy footwear fares in our latest in-depth review. USB Heating Slippers Review (the recap below for your reading pleasure)

Recap and Availability
Comfortably soft and ever fuzzy, the USB Heating Slippers did a good job of defrosting my feet in a frigid room, and rather quickly at that. The simple heating element is built so that durability shouldn’t be an issue, although the 120cm cable is rather short and could also benefit from a power switch so I don’t have to dive behind the computer all the time.

While not available in any brick and mortar retail outlets that we know of, Warmmi’s USB Heating Sippers can still be had at a number of outlets online including,,, and, who were kind enough to sponsor this review along with our review of the USB Minifridge. Pricing ranges from $20-30 plus shipping, which is money well spent in my opinion. The USB Warming Slippers are highly recommended to anyone who suffers from icy feet

Clever Low-Tech Toothbrush for the Lazy Scrubber

 As for the article below. Only an idiot would spend $1,750 on a prototype toothbrush, when someone could just buy the Spountin, which does the exact same thing for the same price as the shipping (I have it, only because of my roommate).

Spountin Logo Spountin Pricing

Honestly though, I don’t understand the need for this.

  1. What’s the problem with cupping your hands?
  2. Who actually drinks the water from the Bathroom sink?
  3. I always heard that dentists recommended not rinsing after brushing your teeth

Toothbrush FountainAmron Experimental feels your toothbrushing pain. The company doesn’t want you to sluice water from an old-fashioned cup, or “lap water from your hands”. Oh no, it knows that you need a personal fountain.

The principle will be familiar to anyone who has visited Rome and drunk from the “Big Nose” street drinking fountains, which redirect water from a continuous stream; you block the end of the pipe and the water squirts up through a small hole in tube. The Brush & Rinse takes flowing tap water and redirects it to your waiting mouth.

The retail price will be an affordable $3, with a limited edition of 27 prototypes selling for a teeth-clenching $1,750.00. Seriously. Look at the shopping cart screengrab below.

Picture 1 1-8

Clever Low-Tech Toothbrush for the Lazy Scrubber

I Want It! – WiiMote WeDock

I want it! Somebody want to buy me one, only $19. Perhaps buy me two and perhaps throw in some way to wall mount this. Thanks!


Looking for a place to stash those WiiMotes and their associated nunchucks? Here’s the Wii WeDock, a storage container we didn’t notice when the Brandoite junk purveyors were hawking it in a Wii-matching white color last month. But this black one caught our attention because it looks like a garbage bin for biohazard waste.

While that’s not a particularly attractive comparison, the Wii WeDock looks surprisingly useful, giving you a place to put both of those Nintendo Wii controllers, out of harm’s way and perhaps out of the mouths of children. That’s a good thing—we’ve heard those things can jump up and smack you upside the head. The Wii nunchucks, that is. Or maybe the children, too.

The WeDock’s one-touch “springboard” design pops up your weapon with a simple push. And if you get tired of that Nintendo Wii, just use the WeDock to store your used syringes and other biohazards you might have lying around. Or you can put your weed in it. [Brando]

You Said Wee Wee: Wii WeDock Appears Useful Despite Appallingly Alliterative

Adam Hirsch Flickr Photos Adam Hirsch