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Guess who’s buying a New iPod Touch?

  • 8 mm thin
  • Wi-Fi



The 30+ Social Network Aggregator List

In an update from my previous post The 19+ Social Network Aggregator List and combining it with comments from my blogs and Mashable’s post, I have created the 30+ Social Network Aggregator List. Enjoy the scary truth that is the Internet today…

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Widget Maps from Amung.Us

Following up from my post Feedjit Customized Widget Shows Real Time SiteTraffic On Map , here’s another version with significantly more options and widget choices from!

Are you on the map? Definitely shows me being in Brooklyn, New York… When I am most definitely in Manhattan, but close… Customize your own widget

New Mashable Toolboxes and Lists

Somehow I sense a “Google G-d 300+ Toolbox” coming soon from Mashable…

40+ Tools For Google Calendar

Google Calendar

PHOTOSHOP TOOLBOX – 80+ Photoshop Tools and Resources


BROWSER TOOLBOX : 30+ Web Browsers

Browser toolbox

SOCIAL SEARCH GUIDE: 40+ Social Search Engines


Firefox and Mashable’s Ultimate Lists

Perhaps Mashable saw my Mashable’s Ultimate Firefox Toolboxes and Lists, perhaps they just knew it was about time, but here it is: 

FIREFOX GOD: 300+ Tools and Resources For Firefox

Firefox GOD

And for more Mashable “G-d” links, enjoy:

Mashable’s Ultimate Firefox Toolboxes and Lists

Apparently Mashable has been on a Firefox kick recently, here are their most recent additions to their toolboxes:

30+ Firefox Themes


FIREFOX MUSIC: Top 7 Ways to Enjoy Music in Firefox

Firefox Music

30+ Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers & Designers


20+ Firefox Plugins For Managing Email

Firefox Email

And the rest of Mashable’s Firefox Lists for your convenience from my Ultimate Toolboxes and Lists From Mashable:

NewsGator Brings Feed Reading to Facebook

 In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t work yet (as of now), but I’m excited. As I said previously, I use FeedDemon (Desktop and Mobile), which synchronizes to the web. So this is great and hopefully will be a way to share the blogging and news that I read with my friends.

NewsGator is launching a Facebook application called NewsFriends. This works as a way to share feeds with your networks on Facebook. NewsGator Brings Feed Reading to Facebook

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