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Google Hot Trends has iPhone Price Drop as 2nd Hottest Search

Google Trends Google Hot Trends for September 6th, 2007 is now showing 2.iphone price drop, which I find a little odd, since there are way too few people out there who should really care about that compared to the new iPods. Anyways, here’s where the rest of Apple’s related searches follow: 46.iphone refund. That’s it, the rest is Fashion and Football for the most part…


FEC Determines That Blogs Count As Media

Woooo! I’m Media! 

fec.jpgIn two determinations handed down yesterday, the US Federal Election Commission (FEC) found that political blogs and bloggers are media for the purposes of US Electoral Law.

The first case was a complaint against the well known left wing blog The Daily Kos. Conservative blogger John C.A. Bambenek claimed that the site should comply with campaign finance laws because it charges a fee to place advertising on its website and it provides “a gift of free advertising and candidate media services” by posting blog entries that support candidates. The FEC determined that the website falls “squarely” within the media exemption and is therefore not subject to federal regulation under the Act; ipso facto: under US law blogs are formally recognized as media organizations.

Read more at: FEC Determines That Blogs Count As Media (via TechCrunch)

BuzzFeed – Find Your New Favorite Thing


BuzzFeed’s 3 missions are: 1. Find Good Things, 2. Promote Great Sites, 3. Web-ify Advertising and PR

In addition to their all things “Buzz” web site, they also provide blog widgets and even a BuzzFeed WordPress Plugin that you can configure the options from WordPress options.

Same Bullshit – Different Blog – NBC Takes Bite Of Apple Edition

In an update to my Everyone Blogs About The Same Thing – Google Edition post, I figured once I heard about NBC “Canceling their ITunes Contract”, this would be big, but honestly, why does everyone have to mention it, here’s the log of where I’ve read it on my feeds so far (in chronological order):

  1. NBC Bails on iTunes (TechCrunch)
  2. NBC to End iTunes Sales of Its Shows (Digg of New York Times)
  3. NBC To Drop iTunes (WebProNews)

No Surprise – New Digg Design

As I mentioned last night, Digg was Down (with a cute little logo too)… Obviously, something was up and instead of writing about it, here are bloggers who have already detailed the hell out of it…

  1. Digg to combine News & Videos on One Page (Digg Blog)
  2. Digg – New Design (Digg The Blog)
  3. Brand New Digg Design Goes Live (Mashable)
  4. Digg Gets A Major Makeover (TechCrunch)
  5. Digg Redesign Worships Videos, Dropdowns (WebProNews)

Facebook Search Code Leaked

Nelson Haha

The Facebook Secrets blog, which ignited a storm after publishing the Facebook homepage source code, has done it again: the source code for Facebook search is now out in the wild and running free.

Facebook Search Code Leaked

Junk In A Box: The Madness Begins with a 300-Page AT&T Bill for iPhone

 I’d like to put my “Junk” in her “Box”… this post was mainly just for that line, but enjoy the fact that AT&T is wiping out entire forests in just a few months.

300pages.jpgFollowing this weekend’s Gore Alert post, Justine Ezarik —of JustinTV fame— has just received her first iPhone bill. Three. Hundred. Pages. See her unwrapping the package from AT&T in the video after the jump.

Come back later to find out what she got for her 300 sheets. For that price, I’d want oiled-up Greek boys—or failing that, Spanish ones. [Tasty Blog Snack] Junk In A Box: The Madness Begins with a 300-Page AT&T Bill for iPhone

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