Overheard in New York Labor Day is Over

Black girl: Hey, mister, can we pet your dog?
Tough guy with groomed white poodle on leash: Sure.
Black girl to friend: See, that’s what a poodle looks like when a white man owns it.–10th & Christopher

Woman: Do you wanna go into those bushes and do it?
Man: Nah, we always fuck in Central Park. Let’s go to Washington Square.
Woman: Fine, but you have to buy me a funnel cake later.–Central Park

Punk girl: He doesn’t look Jewish.
Punk boy: He’s not, he’s Catholic… A real pope-fucker.–Rivington & Ludlow

Man #1 eating ice cream: Man, this tastes just like pussy.
Man #2: Shit, son… Share!–42nd & 7th

Lady #1: My god, look at you! Just had a baby and you’re so skinny!
Lady #2: Well, I don’t eat anything.–Hearst Cafeteria

Chick with headset directing sidewalk traffic: Excuse me. Please cross the street here… You can’t pass here…
20-ish chick: What are you guys filming?
Chick with headset: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.
20-ish chick: Hahaha! That shit sucks! Hahaha!–E 8th St & University Pl

Girl: I always get suspicious when I see hot, thin moms with fat little daughters, because you know they’re making them fat so that they don’t turn out hotter than them.
Guy: What?
Girl: I’m serious, I’ve seen it happen! You know that’s what Christine’s mom did to her.–E train


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