10+ Facebook WordPress Plugins and Widgets

imageIn the style of Mashable’s Toolboxes and Lists, I dedicate this one to all the dorks out there like me who want to share their personal life with their non-personal blogging life…


WordPress – Create a WordPress.com account AND access your account from directly in Facebook. Publishes from WordPress.com accounts into Facebook News Feeds, Mini-Feeds and adds a box in your profile that is customizable.


WordBook – This plugin essentially allows you to cross-post to your Facebook account directly from your WordPress blog

Blog Friends – Share and receive recommendation based blogs and blog posts


Facebook Photos for WordPress Plugin – by TanTan Noodles – “This WordPress

plugin provides easy access to your Facebook photos by allowing you to easily post them to your blog. After you have linked the plugin to your Facebook account, photos you upload to Facebook will automatically show up in a convenient ‘Photos’ tab in your WordPress powered blog (see screenshot below). You can choose to use either small, medium, or large sized versions of your photos.”

WordPress Fotobook – Fotobook is a WordPress plugin that will link to your Facebook account and import all of your photo albums into a page on your WordPress installation.

QuailPress – WordPress Plugin to add Share buttons to your posts

Display in Facebook Live Users and and Latest Posts – Lester Chan created his own plugin for his Gamerz blog, however, he is offering the source code.

Synching WordPress with Facebook Notes – Edited and Updated version of Thomasalbright to sync WordPress with Facebook notes…

Facebook Note Comments to WordPress Comments – Edited and Updated ‘Limi’s Concept Zone’.

Friend Bookmarklet – “Detects hCards, Facebook links, and Wink.com search results and allows the user to add the detected people to their WordPress links system”

StatusPress – Plugin that takes your Facebook status updates and puts them onto your WordPress blog

Add To Facebook Plugin – Adds to the bottom of every post an “add to Facebook” link

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    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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