The 19+ Social Network Aggregator List

Alright everybody, I’ve tried at least 10 of these, and I was going to go on a site by site basis and rank each one, but to be quite honest there are too many different factors involved that this post would’ve been 5+ pages long, so here it is, my list…

  1. 8Hands
  3. Fuser
  4. HypeIt
  5. Minggl
  6. MyLifeBrand
  7. Naymz
  8. OtherEgo
  9. Profilactic
  10. Profileomat
  11. Profilefly
  12. Profilelinker
  13. Snag
  15. Socialurl
  16. Spokeo
  17. Tabber
  18. Upscoop
  19. Zoolit

COMMENTERS! Please help choose the top 5 of the following Social Network Aggregator Sites by basing your votes on the following criteria:

  • A) Actual Amount of Networks Supported – we’re looking for 1 of these to be the 1 we use, otherwise we’ll need a Social Network Aggregator Aggregator
  • B) Actual Functionality of the Integrated Networks – I obviously just don’t want to see all my friends from all my networks and then that’s that, I want more!
  • C) Ease of Use – Could the 12 year olds on Facebook and MySpace work it?
  • D) Trustworthy Status -will the site accidentally lose all your usernames and passwords
  • E) Aesthetics – Does it look sexy?

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1 Response to “The 19+ Social Network Aggregator List”

  1. 1 Dave September 2, 2007 at 9:10 am

    8hands is definitely the best one!
    I’m gonna explain it by your criteria:
    A) I use FB, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter, which are all supported by 8hands. I don’t really care about others, but I think it supports a few more.
    B) It has lots of functions that helps you organize your online activity- First off, the friends aggregation sums up to a top 8 list based on amount of communication. You can also IM and share media, which is nice.
    C)It may not be the easiest one, but don’t you underestimate these kids, They can handle more complexity than most of us grown ups.
    D)I don’t think that something like loosing passwords could happen in 8hands. and it not a site. that’s the best thing about it- it’s a desktop tool so all your notification are shown in the tool bar and you don’t have to keep a browser open. as far as I know, It’s the only desktop social aggregator.
    E)Sexy? hell, yeah! It has the sweetest icon.

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