EA Playground out October 23rd

It’s still summer, but for some reason I want it to be Fall already… Why can’t it always just be summer?

Smack that ball! - Image 1Electronic Arts just announced that EA Playground is set for release on October 23 in North America. Grabbing a copy of the console version will give you access to these playground games and activities:

  • Dodgeball –  Up to four players of solid dodgeball action. Dodge, catch and throw lighting fast balls just like in real life.
  • Paper Racers – Pit your paper planes against each other in a race, collecting power ups and other bonuses along the way.
  • Kicks – Soccer meets volleyball in this ball game.
  • Dart Shootout – Shoot your way through the final boss.
  • Wall Ball -The speed of the ball increases with each powerful shot, making a more strategic wall ball experience.
  • Slot Car Racing – Up to four players go at it in classic slot car racing.
  • Tetherball – Thetherball like in real life, where you wrap the tetherball around the pole before your opponent does.
  • Freethrows – Shoot people around to earn marbles.
  • Bug Hunt – Catch some bugs to earn rewards.
  • Dribbling Show off your dribbling skills for more marbles.

EA Playground U.S. and Europe release dates announced


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