Yahoo! Address Guard is my Daily Disposable Email Directory

I use Yahoo’s AddressGuard for every single web site/social network/beta test I sign up for, because you never know… Here are my 3 easy steps to creating one through Yahoo! (note this is a Yahoo! Mail Plus feature):

  1. From the Yahoo! Toolbar, I go to “Mail” –> Add Disposable AddressSelect My Disposable Addresses from the Toolbar's Mail menu.
  2. Enter the name of the web site after my “basename” (see below*)Supply a keyword, a delivery folder, and a note, then click the Add Disposable Address button.
  3. Copy the new Disposable E-mail and paste it on the site’s signup e-mail address form

Click the Copy Address to Clipboard link to copy the new address.

*All the disposable addresses that you create in AddressGuard use the same simple pattern:

Learn More at:

  1. Using Disposable Addresses
  2. AddressGuard on the Yahoo! Toolbar
  3. Seeing Who Uses Your Disposable Addresses
  4. Sending Message Using Disposable Addresses

Compared to Top 20 Temporary and Disposable Email Services, Yahoo’s Address Guard is best and allows to have it already built into your e-mail and toolbar.


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