First Carnival Games for Wii Review

Wii Carnival Games Logo

So after about 2 hours of playing Carnival Games for the Wii yesterday after picking it up at the Carnival Games Launch party from Nintendo World New York, I can say that this is a GREAT (not amazing) party game.


  1. Carnival Games Alley Ball Screen ShotAlley Ball (aka Skeet Ball, Ski Ball) is just as fun as bowling, but you can win tickets and the “game host” is pretty funny
  2. Multi-player Competition Mode keeps a party going. With 4 Wii Motes, the games go on and on. On some sort of random shuffle after 5 games and a winner is declared you can head right to the next random shuffle of games (sometimes includes 3 of the 5 games previously)
  3. Single Player mode you can earn tickets to buy new “clothing and accessories” for you character OR to play other games OR buy “virtual prizes” OR to unlock new games. This will keep me entertained when there is no party to be had
  4. At least 25 games in the Multi-player competition mode shuffled


  1. Carnival Games Test Your Strength Screen Shot My right arm is killing me! (mainly from the intense shaking on the “Test Your Strength”
  2. Some games you need to spend tickets to play… no tickets, no play
  3. Just like a carnival you can play some of the “Crappier” games and lose tickets for nothing

Found Bug: Carnival Games Horse Races Screen Shot

1.  In the horse racing “Day at the Races”, on 4 player Multi-player Competition mode Todd had come in 3rd place, but almost immediately it reset his character back to the beginning of the race and he had to spend the next minute after 3 of us were way done trying to finish again.

Conclusion: At $39.99, this is my first game that I am proud to throw Wii Parties for, true Party mode makes the game. Single Player will get old after awhile, but will definitely still play a few of the classic games.

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