Everyone Blogs About The Same Thing – Google Edition

I just saw the release, now I only assume that there were be a slew of blogs reporting this from now till at least 2 days from now. This happens with all the “major” Google/YouTube and Apple related releases. I’ve seen probably at least 15 posts of the exact same thing over and over again in 48 hours. Don’t these blogs assume that if it’s on one of the big Tech blogs, people will see it there? As I’m compiling this list today, I’ve noticed over 20 Rhapsody + URGE posts, probably should’ve covered that, but for now seems like the blogs have taken the bait.

Either way, my guess is, this is one of those posts. Here will be a record of releases:

  1. YouTube-style Embeddable Maps (Google LatLong)
  2. Google Maps Launches Embedded Maps (Mashable)
  3. Embed your Google My Maps… (GoogleMapsMania)
  4. Embeddable Google Maps (Googlified)
  5. Add Directions to your Site via Google Maps (CyberNet News)
  6. Google launches embeddable map feature (Digg News)
  7. Google Adds Embedding To Google Maps (TechCrunch)
  8. Google Maps Adds Dead Easy Map Embedding (InsideGoogle)
  9. Maps! Get Your Google Maps! (Website Magazine)

Now that’s it the next day, while I was waiting for some more, I believe Google’s Overlay Video Ads and Google Earth Sky definitely had more than the posts above of the EXACT same kind, but I didn’t keep track of those. Probably should have, would’ve proved my point even further. I’m shocked that there are over 20 Google Earth Postings so far today…

*Note that I don’t publish these mass posts on here… Unless I beat all you f-ckers out, like in the Facebook Enables E-mail Post. Check out the time stamp! Boo YAH!


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