Microsoft Silverlight’s Tafiti Search

tafiti Logo

This search engine is pretty amazing and is based on the lightweight Microsoft Silverlight. Here is a screenshot of the sexy search engine tafiti:

tafiti screenshot

 Tafiti searches includes:

  • The Web
  • News
  • RSS Feeds
  • Books
  • Photos

My favorite aspect of tafiti is the “glass shelf” (and not the abundant usage of all lowercase letters)… As the Post it Note Says:

tafiti Post it Glass Shelf

After placing the items in the “glass shelf” you can label items, then look at the individual items on a case by case basis. The options that follow from there are:

  • Blog it
  • E-mail it
  • View “Feed” or item

Viewing Item tafiti

It’s a rough start, but it’s definitely a new way of search. Now for the “dorky” aspect, press the “Tree” at the top of the Web Search Resultstafiti Tree and behold the Tree of Search Results:

Tree Tafiti

The image above actually spins and using the slide of the bottom can “grow” or “shrink” the tree/search results. Dorky but definitely not necessary.

Anyway, this is the first start of something useful and for the public from Silverlight that seems to have been “released”. I expect in a few months from now a slew of true Web 2.0 Silverlight Applications.


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