USB Heating Slippers Review

Now this I WILL need and buy for the winter, possible electrocution side effects? Either way, the review below says “Pricing ranges from $20-30 plus shipping, which is money well spent in my opinion”… Hell, that’s good enough for me to purchase them. 

Summertime: a time for shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and Warmmi’s USB Heating Slippers. Yes, thanks to the modern marvel of air conditioning, our work and home environments are either excruciatingly hot or bloody cold. With our luck, it’s usually the latter. Read on to see how this fuzzy footwear fares in our latest in-depth review. USB Heating Slippers Review (the recap below for your reading pleasure)

Recap and Availability
Comfortably soft and ever fuzzy, the USB Heating Slippers did a good job of defrosting my feet in a frigid room, and rather quickly at that. The simple heating element is built so that durability shouldn’t be an issue, although the 120cm cable is rather short and could also benefit from a power switch so I don’t have to dive behind the computer all the time.

While not available in any brick and mortar retail outlets that we know of, Warmmi’s USB Heating Sippers can still be had at a number of outlets online including,,, and, who were kind enough to sponsor this review along with our review of the USB Minifridge. Pricing ranges from $20-30 plus shipping, which is money well spent in my opinion. The USB Warming Slippers are highly recommended to anyone who suffers from icy feet


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