Overheard New Yorkers Know What’s Up

Teen #1: We are going to 34th Street.
Teen #2: That’s on 42nd, right?
Teen #1: Oh, you are so stupid.–1 train

Little boy tugging on mom’s arm: Mommy, why are we here?
Mom: Because everything’s organic, sweetie.
Little boy, excitedly: I love organic!–Trader Joe’s, Union Square

Suit, embarrassed after tapping man on shoulder: … Sorry, I thought I knew you [starts to walk away].
Man he tapped: I’m your cousin!–New York Public Library

NYU professor: So, you don’t know who Robin Hood is or who the three little piggies are? Really? Where did you grow up?
Student: The Bronx.–Politics class, NYU

Chick #1: You should totally invite your brother to Amsterdam.
Chick #2: Can’t — my brother gave up pot to impregnate his wife.–Bowlmor Lanes


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