I Make Use Of: Firefox Add-on Edition

(as Guest Writer on MakeUseOf.com)

Simple and alphabetical list of the Firefox Add-ons I use on a daily basis…

  • Adsense Notifier – Displays your Google Adsense Statistics with easily configurable displays
  • AI Roboform Toolbar – I Love and use Roboform, saves my passwords and syncs between Firefox and IE, saving me some hassle (only complaint is it’s not easily sync-able over the Internet)
  • All-in-One Sidebar – Simple, easy interface for everything Firefox in Sidebar form…
  • FasterFox – Does it really work? Perhaps, either way, it’s always up and active. Supposedly, through several “one click” options, you can speed up Firefox
  • FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) – Quick and Easy Firefox backup for your extensions, user preferences, passwords, etcetera. All configurable and easily schedule the backups.
  • Firebug – Development Tool for monitoring, editing and debugging CSS, HTML and JavaScript LIVE on any web page.
  • Forecast Fox (Enhanced) – I’m a weather dork and radar is the best way to check if precipitation is coming. This updated version has great large radar maps.
  • Google Toolbar – Not really an “add-on”, but it’s an essential…
  • Minimize To Tray – I Love the ability to minimize any program and keep it running into my system tray. Simple configurable options too.
  • ScreenGrab! – This tool has come in handy countless times, right click the screen and you can Save OR Copy “Complete Page”, “Viewable Portion” or “Selection” in PNG or JPEG format
  • StumbleUpon Toolbar – Love it, Stumble It, Enjoy It

So, That’s it, I don’t use AdBlockers or GreaseMonkey, I like to keep it simple. If there is something so amazing out there, please do feel free to let me know…

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