EZGear’s 12 Wii Products

Here is a summary of the products (from Wii Blog):

1. Boxing Gloves – this accessory is designed for gamers who want to make their Wii boxing matches more realistic.

2. Sparring Gloves – this one feels lighter and costs less than the boxing gloves.

3. sportsPack – provides extensions for the Wii Remotes. Therefore, a gamer’s Wii Remote can be transformed to a golf club, a baseball bat, or tennis racquet.

4. powerPlay Battery and Dock – You can recharge your Wii Remote with this accessory and it can be plugged into the USB port of your Wii.

5. powerPlay – it comes in two different models. One includes a dock and a rechargeable battery while the other one includes an extra battery.

6. Combat Kit – includes a sword, knife and shield. If you love playing adventure games on your Wii system, you may be interested in getting this accessory.

7. superStand – this provides a stand for the Wii and it also provides storage for your games.

8. Software Stand – it can hold 12 Wii software disks.

9. Carabiner Case – a case where you can store your Wii Remote and Nunchuk when you are travelling.

10. Carry Bag – a bag that can store your system, memory cards, controllers, and other accessories.

11. Revolving Receiver Stand – it adjusts to change the angle of the receiver.

12. Cables – provides S-Video, AV, and HD Pro cables for users who want to improve the quality picture of the games.

The prices of these accessories range from $10 to $40.

More importantly, here are the Wii Products from EZGear


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