I Make Use Of: Social Style Edition

(as “Guest Writer” on MakeUseOf.com)

So, there are at least over 50 Social Bookmarking Sites and well probably hundreds of Social Media Sites and definitely thousands of Social Networking Sites, unfortunately most of them suck (I’ve tried and signed up for many). Big Time. I suppose there’s a niche site for every niche out there, but here is what I (still) use:

Social Networking:

  • Friendster Favicon Friendster – My “original” Social Networking web site (although apparently classmates.com is debated as the first) Friendster was the first, best designed as we know it today. Still a classic.
  • MySpace Favicon MySpace –  MySpace came after Friendster for me and this was the place for “Freaks”,”Geeks” and the horny people of the Internet. Now it’s EVERBODY expressing their individuality (which means lots of crappy/annoying pages). MySpace lost me a bit about 2 years ago when the SPAM started, that was/is really annoying
  • Facebook Favicon Facebook – Oh Facebook, you were so clean and perfect before the applications, now you are an open sore like MySpace letting in everybody. However, oddly enough this is where EVERYBODY I know is. Plus it’s a lot more tame and friendly than anywhere else. So, this is my #1
  • MyBlogLog Favicon MyBlogLog – The Social Network for Bloggers and it does a good job of it. Clean atmosphere, little Spam and very friendly people.
  • LinkedIn Favicon LinkedIn – Supposedly the Social Network for Business Professionals, it leaves much room to be desired. I can’t see many of my friends joining, because there is no real pull to it unless you are into Networking. I use it for Business Purposes and the Outlook Integration.

    Social Media Sharing:

  • Flickr Logo Flickr – Pro version keeps my pictures nice and backed up (with easy upload tools), not sure why so many people are obsessed, but it’s nice to browse other pictures every once in awhile.
  • PicasaWeb Favicon Google PicasaWeb – Not really a “social site” yet, but I liked the look and feel of this compared to Flickr for just storing and viewing my photos. I also liked the WordPress and Website Integration
  • You Tube Favicon YouTube – Definitely the original king of Video Sharing and the first place I discovered several years ago to upload videos. Now it’s Mecca of Videos. I still think Google should work on cleaning the YouTube interface into a Facebook feature like Social Network.

    Social Bookmarking:

  • StumbleUpon Favicon StumbleUpon – I love being able to approve or disapprove of a web page. Facebook integration is great. More importantly I have Stumbled Upon MANY (probably thousands of) Amazing web sites, media and games. I also love it for the IE and Firefox clean interface integration.
  • Digg Favicon Digg – I can’t believe how Digg exploded into the Phenomena that it is today and I can’t believe Google hasn’t purchase it yet. The social aspects are also greatly missing and people probably spend too much time trying to “Digg” something, but THANK YOU to the people who Digg the truly great stuff

    That’s it. There were more that I was going to put on, but seriously this is pretty much what I use on a Daily and Weekly basis. I’m sure everyone will have comments regarding my choices and their choices, but I’m firm with what’s above… So Bring IT ON!!!

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