Welcome our new Guest Writers

Wooo! That’s me (and another guy)! I’m excited… are you?

Good news, we finally got our first guest writers. They are both unique, follow makeuseof, love the web, and surpass all my expectations. Check them out below and please give them a warm welcome.

Adam Hirsch

Adam Hirsch

“I’m a down to earth working man who likes to cook, watch good tv/movies, listen to music, “chill”, go out when the occasion arises… I’m a sarcastic fun-loving, people-loving, animal-loving fool who also can give endless massages.” www.TheFattyTalks.com.

Go to Adam’s profile and it won’t take you long to figure that he is social to the core. We also happen to have almost identical blogrolls. So, I have no doubt he will be able to share some cool stuff with you guyz. He is planning to write about

  • ” I Make Use Of ” – tools he uses
  • ” The Other Lists ” – list of tools (Top 5, 10, etc.)
  • ” I Would Use “- tools he would use if he had use for them

Mark O’Neill

Mark O'Neill

“My name is Mark, I’m British and now living in Germany. I am a freelance writer, blogger, editor, English teacher and internet addict. I am also a regular contributor to Wikipedia , a book proofreader on Project Gutenberg and an audio book narrator on Librivox … “ www.BetterThanTherapy.net.

I am excited to have Mark, as not only is he a professional writer but also one of those who is at the core of what we know as user-generated content. We all love Wikipedia and yet only very small amount of users bother to expand, correct or question authenticity of specific facts or articles. He is also our long time reader and stumbler. Mark is planning to start of with some of his favorite apps.

Ok, That’s all from me, rest you’ll learn on the way.

Looking forward to your posts.

Note1: MakeUseOf.com recommends StumbleUpon. It’s not a promo we just really love it.
Note2: Telling you about Free tools is fun but started to get expensive, so feel free to Contribute (via PayPal).

Welcome our new Guest Writers


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