Chinese Internet Addicts Get Camp

Apparently ages 14 – 22 are considered children. Apparently there is a camp for Internet Addicted Children. Apparently Children starting at the age of 14 are addicted to Internet Porn and Cybersex… In China. If this is China, what’s happening in America?

internet addiction summer campChina is beginning to test out a new summer camp for children between the ages of 14 and 22 that are currently addicted to online games, pornography and cybersex. The 10 day camp will allow youngsters to attend once they have undergone a psychological test and evaluation. The new camp will be using a regimen that includes a combination of therapy and military drills that are similar but not as intense to the Addiction Treatment Center in Beijing. They camp will be treating the youngsters for depression, fear, unwillingness to interact with others, panic and agitation.

According to reports from the China Daily, the camp has begun with a test group of 40 people. It is estimated that about 2.6 million people (13 percent) of China’s internet users under 18 are being classified as addicts. This new camp comes after a few high-profile deaths related to the internet. China is now looking into putting restrictions on violent games and banning new internet cafes. With as much time as I spend online, this makes me glad that I am over 22 and do not live in China.

Addicted to the internet? Then your going to summer camp.


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