Google Trends shows New Yorkers Use Google

Every once in awhile I like to see what’s hot in the Google Search Engines to let me know if I’m possibly missing out on something. Usually, it’s a random mess of hot topics and things or people I’ve never heard of. However, after today and walking to work in the extreme heat with lines for the busses in the hundreds on Lexington and Fifth Avenues, it’s apparent that people wanted to know what the hell was going on. All the major NYC sources appear (that I would check at least) and FYI, the site was down all morning…

Google Hot Trends MTA

So, here’s today’s Google Trends for August 8th, 2007 showing that New Yorker’s were searching for answers on why the subways were down, what to do and when the freaking MTA will get the trains up and running.

2. mta

4. tornado in brooklyn

5. mta nyc

9. mta new york

13. mta info

14. mta subway

17. nyc subway


22. new york city transit

23. (Idiot New Yorkers should know by now that doesn’t go to the right site)

32. mta transit


50. metropolitan transit authority

56. brooklyn news

69. nyc traffic

72. 1010wins

84. 1010 wins

88. mta bus

89. ny 1

92. mta service

93. mta website

94. mta delays

96. metro north

97. ny1 news

98. subway delays

So, in fact 25% of all Google’s Hot Trend Searches were by New Yorkers or commuters into New York City.

Interesting Side Note: Pokemon 3 movie’s website was the #1 today, spelled wrong several times. The worst is the #1 was which is an annoying spam tracking site.


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