Clever Low-Tech Toothbrush for the Lazy Scrubber

 As for the article below. Only an idiot would spend $1,750 on a prototype toothbrush, when someone could just buy the Spountin, which does the exact same thing for the same price as the shipping (I have it, only because of my roommate).

Spountin Logo Spountin Pricing

Honestly though, I don’t understand the need for this.

  1. What’s the problem with cupping your hands?
  2. Who actually drinks the water from the Bathroom sink?
  3. I always heard that dentists recommended not rinsing after brushing your teeth

Toothbrush FountainAmron Experimental feels your toothbrushing pain. The company doesn’t want you to sluice water from an old-fashioned cup, or “lap water from your hands”. Oh no, it knows that you need a personal fountain.

The principle will be familiar to anyone who has visited Rome and drunk from the “Big Nose” street drinking fountains, which redirect water from a continuous stream; you block the end of the pipe and the water squirts up through a small hole in tube. The Brush & Rinse takes flowing tap water and redirects it to your waiting mouth.

The retail price will be an affordable $3, with a limited edition of 27 prototypes selling for a teeth-clenching $1,750.00. Seriously. Look at the shopping cart screengrab below.

Picture 1 1-8

Clever Low-Tech Toothbrush for the Lazy Scrubber


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