I have been Chosen – For a Vudu Box

I have been selected as a Beta Tester for the new Vudu Box. I don’t knowVudu Logo what confidentiality clauses there fully are yet, so I won’t say anything on here till I get approval, because this is too good to be ruined. As an avid movie lover, Netflix Subscriber, Blockbuster Neighbor I can’t wait, especially when it’s winter and I don’t have to ever leave my apartment. Wooo!

As per the Vudu.com website:

VUDU is a revolutionary new product that will transform the way you get and watch movies. VUDU is instantaneous—no more driving to the video store, no more relying on the mail, no more waiting for downloads. VUDU is thousands of movies delivered directly to your TV. VUDU is freedom—it doesn’t require a PC and is independent of your cable or satellite TV service.

Are you ready to VUDU? All you need is the VUDU box, a TV, a broadband Internet connection, and a love of movies. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the right movie, right now.

From New York Times Article:

“Vudu, if all goes as planned, hopes to turn America’s televisions into limitless multiplexes, providing instant gratification for moviebuffs…goodbye to laborious computer downloads, sticky-floored movietheaters and cable companies’ much narrower video-on-demand offerings.”


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