WordPress Customization – My Plugins

Well, you can’t discuss a WordPress.org installation without mentioning Plugins. So, basically, to make it simple, here are the plugins I use, the hyperlinks get you to the downloads, you upload them (with folders if there are multiple files) into the wp-content/plugins directory of your blog. I’ve provided screenshots for applicable plugins.

Google Adsense widget = Pretty Self Explanatory, but it allows for a sidebar widget (and other places with configuration) for displaying your Google Adsense ads. 

All in One SEO Pack = enables certain modifications to your WordPress Blog to provide Search Engine Optimization. (enable Search Engines to better pick up your site)

AJAX Comments = this provides an easy and quick Comments interface in your comments section for your visitors.

Akismet = So far this “SPAM” catcher has caught everything that is SPAM (and trust me, it’s odd, but you receive SPAM comments on WordPress blogs.

Blogroll Page =  Easily create a new page that if you insert a snippet of code, it displays your Blogroll, as in http://www.thefattytalks.com/blog-roll/

Enforce www. Preference =  Important Search Engine Optimization fact is that Google and other search engines will pickup thefattytalks.com and www.thefattytalks.com if you do not have this plugin enforced. This helps because duplicates are bad for Search Engine Optimization.

FeedBurner FeedSmith = Now that Google bought Feedburner (.com), Feedburner’s Pro features are now FREE. So, once again, Thank You Google! Feedburner FeedSmith alters your Wordpress feed to automatically switch to the Feedburner feed, in my case www.thefattytalks.com/feed/ becomes http://feeds.feedburner.com/AdamAHirschBlog. Feedburner is awesome because you can customize your feed with extra social links, email this and you can monitor subscriptions, errors with your feed and even have your feed optimized. 

Google XML Sitemaps = Sitemaps are important for Search Engines to easily and speedily recognize your Blog and the pages it contains within. Keeping an up to date Sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools increases your visibility with Google.

Google Analyticator = Enter in your Google Analytics “unique code” to monitor your web site traffic. Google Analytics is by far the most comprehensive FREE web site tracking and statistics web site.

iWPhone = Simple Plugin that optimizes your blog for the IPhone. I tested this out recently and it works like a charm.

MyBlogLog Widget = MyBlogLog is a great community of Blog authors who share their favorite blogs and their communities around them. This sidebar widget displays Recent Readers from MyBlogLog.

MyBlogLog Widget WordPress Screenshot

Naatan.com Notify Me = Although this created problems for me with Microsoft Live Writer, since it sends out e-mails of your posts to subscribers immediately after you post an item, I still use it because of the extremely clean interface and clear HTML e-mails it sends. You can also create an easy “Subscribe by E-mail” Sidebar widget…

Subscribe By Email WordPress Screenshot

Picasa Photos = I think the Picasa Photos look great compared to the Flickr Photos when they display on the sidebar.

Subscribe me = This plugin is a great sidebar widget to add to the top of your sidebar that adds a variety (which you can choose from) of “Subscribe to my feed” through…

Subscribe Me WordPress Screenshot

WordPress.com Stats =  Note: You need a WordPress.com API Key (I luckily first used adamhirsch.WordPress.com for my blog and now synchronize them), so I had this key (found in Options –> Users –> Your Profile). This plugin though, recently updated, allows you to view your Blog Statistics (most popular posts, visitors, referrals) on your WordPress.org Blog Stats menu.

Sociable = A great plugin with many options (you can choose which to use) of Social Bookmarking services to add to the bottom of posts in your pages, single posts or feeds. Mine are below…

Sociable WordPress Screenshot

Share This =  Similar to Sociable, but not as trustworthy I realized (has glitches in where the window opens in IE), provides Social Bookmarking in an easy pull down menu and a really simple “E-mail This” post, which is mainly why I use it (since you don’t have to leave the post area at anytime.

Share This WordPress Screenshot

wp-cache = Simple plugin that “Caches” your web site for optimal load times. 

WP Plugins Tracker = New Plugin that I love, checks all your plugins (activated or not) and determines if your version # is the same or outdated. Easily click the Plugin Name to go to the Plugin’s Web Site to download the updated version from there.

WordPress Mobile Edition =  Simple plugin that you upload also to the “Themes” directory that enables optimization for mobile phone viewing.

That’s it. Those are the plugins I installed, activated and use. Trust me, I’ve tried others, these, for the general purposes of a simple blog (no videos, pictures, directory, code explanations).

Hope you learned something and if you are a Beginner, be sure to check out the whole Technology Education Category.


3 Responses to “WordPress Customization – My Plugins”

  1. 1 AK July 30, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    I have been using GoStats.com , they also have a wordpress plugin.

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