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IF, you are any of the following, check out and sign up for

  1. In the Restaurant Industry
  2. A Waiter
  3. A Bartender
  4. Interested in How Much Restaurants Pay
  5. Trying to find out which restaurant to work at
  6. Just curious to see what’s going on
  7. Just curious to see how much Restauarants are actually paying these days
  8. Looking for a job

This post is a shout-out to my friend who created, which as he claims and I can’t find any proof that he’s wrong, “The Restaurant Industry’s Ultimate Human Resource Network” and “first and only resume management system dedicated to the entire food service industry,”

As the first and only resume management system dedicated to the entire food service industry, allows our members to create a standardized resume to submit to any participating establishment on our system that you wish to work for. Your resume is only viewed by the managers you send it to.

No longer having to deal with unnecessary faxes, e-mails, or walk-in applications, we provide owners and management the resources to immediately find the right candidates for a vacancy based on position, experience, and availability.

It really can be that easy! So if you work in the industry and are looking for a new opportunity, or you are a owner/manager looking to cut your operating costs, reduce your turnover rates, find quality employees, and promote your operation,  sign up for a free account today.

Amazing News for a small start-up, directly from the creator himself:

NYP ArticleLast week a writer for the New York Post informed me that he wanted to do an article on my company. I figured it would be placed somewhere around page 36 next to the movie clock. Needless to say, when I opened up the first page of the Post (Page 3!!!) and saw a full page article on my site, I was blown away. After all, how often do you get yourself in the middle of a Lindsay Lohan drug story?



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