Setting up a WordPress Blog

Basically, is the Open Source (plugin-enabled) version. It’s relatively complicated for most users to install a WordPress installation in their Domain Name, so here are steps to make your life easier…

  1. Buy a Domain Name, I suggest using, since it was a hell of a lot easier to use their control panel compared to and
  2. Determine a web hosting solution that has a Fantasico Script Installer, which installs programs with 1 click, such as WordPress. Luckily, I use and they are always up to date with the latest version. $6.95 / month isn’t bad if you are not expecting thousands of visitors every day. I believe that the $6.95 is a 2 year commitment price and that $7.95 is a 1 year commitment price, FYI. Be sure to forward the Nameservers to whichever hosting service you use in order to enable the host to access your Domain. Note, does have a FREE Domain with the plan.                                 Bluehost WordPress
  3.  When you are done, go to your Fantastico De Luxe Bluehost Button button in your “Software/Services” section of your control panel…
  4. Hit “WordPress” under “Blogs”, hit “New Installation”. Note that if you are using the domain as the blog name, be sure to install in root directory, otherwise name the installation directory “blog”.
  5. Go to http://www.[yourdomainname].whatever/(and the directory if you chose one)/wp-admin and fill in your user information and start blogging.

starCustomization and Plugins education to follow.


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