How to Read Blogs through a Feed

Ever want to keep current on the newest information or news on topics you read about? The New York Times, Yahoo News, Magazines, Newspapers, Companies, Product Reviews all utilize feeds to make life EASIER for you.

  1. First there is a difference between a “Blog” and a “Feed”. The Blog is the web page that you read where posts are displayed, the RSS Feed allows the Blog and/or web site to be easily accessible in a variety of methods.
  2. By using the feed, you are able to update and read UPDATED and CURRENT information without having to check the web sites and blogs and without having to read the same information twice.

There is an obvious way to recognize a web site that has a feed in most Browsers… the universal logo is Universal Feed Logo . This can be found in several spots on different browsers and once clicked displays the feed. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari all have it and incorporate ways to read the feed in the browser.

  1. Firefox

    Firefox RSS Toolbar 

  2. Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer RSS Toolbar

  3. Safari (because Apple likes to be different RSS Symbol )

    Safari RSS Toolbar


Now after clicking on the Feed Icon, you now have several options. (I will take about the Browser options and continue in another post about “RSS Feed Readers” and which options you have). The basic term is that you “Subscribe” to the feed.

This is what you see:

  1. Firefox

    Firefox RSS Subscribe

    Options of where to save:

      RSS Subscribe Options

    In Firefox, Live Bookmarks ads current Feed Topics into a Bookmarks Folder.

     RSS Subscribe Firefox Bookmarks

  2. Internet Explorer (notice the “Subscribe …”)

    Internet Explorer  RSS Subscribe

    When Subscribed it will appear in your toolbar (near the “Favorites Star”), I personally used this option for several months.

      RSS Subscribe Feeds Internet Explorer

  3. Safari (because Apple likes to be different RSS Symbol )

    Only place to save it is bookmark it… (booo!)

     RSS Subscribe Safari


However, FeedBurner, recently acquired by Google is VERY popular and allows for a RSS Feed to display several options, below is my FeedBurner feed for The Fatty Talks by Adam Hirsch, which gives you options of how you’d like to “Subscribe”. Thank you Google for making the Pro Options Free!!!

FeedBurner Description

Subscribe Now FeedBurner

and finally all of these feeds don’t do you any good unless you have something and somewhere to read them. The key is to have them somewhere you look often… My next post will describe the options… Leave me a comment if you learned anything from this!


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