ABC Producers skew American Inventor

American Inventor

ABC producers have definitely and obviously skewed this and the first voting episode of American Inventor. Only 6 candidates remained and there were 3 obvious choices from there. However, during the 6 presentations, the Judges and the takes that ABC Producers aired all made the other 5 contestants “look pale in comparison” to the Guardian Angel invention.

Gregg   ChavezThe Guardian Angel invention by firefighter and father of 6 children, Gregg Chavez,is basically a compressed fire extinguisher and alarm for a Christmas tree that could potentially catch on fire, thus saving lives. During his “pitch” light hearted exciting music played, the judges smiled and said “great” and “you proved me wrong” as in his invention was a miracle. Upon sending him off after his “pitch” and Question and Answers they said “Thank You Very Much”. He was also second to last before an invention that definitely should not have made it to the “Top 3”. So Gregg Chavez and his life-saving invention would be fresh in the minds of American voters.

The other 5 had anxious and “uh oh” music. The other 5 were asked tough questions and scrutinized over “Market Research” and statistics. The other 5 were all sent off in rude, condescending toned “You can leave now”.

Hmm, I wonder who is going to get the most votes? I wonder who is going to win?


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