Ooki Sushi is Icky!

Since the blog is entitled “The Fatty Talks”, I assume it’s only appropriate for me to start talking, especially about my “Fat” side. So, here’s my first Rant and Rave: Food Edition.

Preface: I’ve been eating sushi way before it was a fad, before it was a craze and definitely before it became the preferred cuisine for many.

Ooki Sushi opened about 3 months ago and I was excited to try a new Japanese sushi restaurant on the Upper East Side (3rd Avenue between 88th and 89th Streets), my hood, so the first week I picked up a large “to go” order and sampled many options. Let me tell you, it all sucked, the rice was horrible, the portions were well slim, thus expensive, I was very unimpressed. However, 3 separate people said they’ve been there several times and they loved it. So perhaps they learned their lesson the first weeks and improved.

Today, went there again, figured give it one more try, here’s an item by item blow by blow:

Diet Coke = ummm, more like Diet Cola, absolutely disgusting… I became afraid

Miso Soup = watery, odd flavored, lacking in seaweed and tofu, in other words worst Miso Soup ever…

Tofu Teriyaki = Tofu had a fishy flavor, teriyaki sauce was minimal and tasteless. The funny thing about this was the vegetables they put on the side, including potato wedges (which before I ate thought was jicima), carrots, broccoli and cold mashed potatoes. All flavored with what I like to call “All Seasoning Salt” and the cheap kind

Three Stooges Roll: banana tempura & spicy tuna rolled up with white tuna, wasabi tobiko on top & kabayaki sauce = disgusting, relatively less than a thimble full of spicy tuna, and perhaps smaller than a chicklet sized piece of white tuna

Spicy Girl Roll: black pepper tuna, avocado, scallion, wasabi honey sauce inside, topped with spicy tuna & crunch = if there was black pepper tuna in there, I didn’t taste it, bad tuna indeed, there was scallion in that? there was wasabi honey sauce inside that? definitely not.

Long story short, those 3 separate people are now confirmed idiots. To be less harsh, they certainly don’t know good sushi. Isohama is still the king of my Upper East Side Japanese Sushi Restaurants.


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