I waited for over 2 hours For a Wii at Nintendo World

Wii-Love  I waited for over 2 hours for a Wii at Nintendo World. Best line I ever waited in purely for the fact that I have a Wii. Got there at 10:10 am, freaked out when I saw a long line when I got there, since the man in the store yesterday said “We sell out every morning, you have to wait in line before we open… Tomorrow it’s 11 am, so get here an hour or an hour and a half early, and if you get there and the line is past the Soup Man, don’t bother. So, long story short, we were at least 15 people behind the Soup Man, and a guy came at 10:40 to tell us we would all be ok up to about 30 people behind us. 1 at a time, 1 per family or couple. FYI, no Bathrooms in Nintendo World. No matter, I didn’t have to go, so at 12:55, we were finally on our way home.

It’s Awesome, amazing. I’m sore, really sore, this is a lot of arm swinging that I’m not used to. Definitely going to grow weird muscles and/or tear something… But no matter, 2 controllers with Wii Sports and Wii Play = good times! Wii!

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