Google… You’re So Smart!

Ummmm, not that I use or will use any of the following anytime soon, I can still appreciate how ingenious Google is:

1. Add live Google data to Google Spreadsheets

The Webware weblog highlights 5 things you didn’t know about Google Docs and Spreadsheets, most notably that you can insert live lookups in Google Spreadsheets via Google search and Google Finance.

2. Custom Search Engine Gets some More Updates

3. Google Numbers and Facts:


I’ll take a few interesting points, see the link for more:

* When Google started we indexed 25,000 web pages – today we index billions. Each time we index the web it’s grown by 10 to 25%.
* 20 to 25% of Google queries have never been searched before.
* iGoogle was our fastest growing product last year (2006). People have personalized their iGoogle homepages with over 10,000 free gadgets.
Corporate culture
* In 2007 Google gave free bicycles to all its employees in Europe.
* Google’s San Francisco shuttle bus service is the biggest of any company in the area. One shared car provides as much transportation as 20 privately owned cars.
* Google has the largest corporate solar panel installation in the US.


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