Simple Customized for your site Google Search

Google Co-opUmmm, this is amazing because it eliminates the need for any java or flash searches on your site, eliminates the need for time consuming search boxes based on your MySQL or Database, this is easy, I Did it in two seconds, although, my blog nor my homepage,, has enough data to actually warrant one, but trust me, you want it if your site is over 5 pages… 

Google Create a Custom Search Engine on the fly, they say:

Got a blogroll or a directory you want to make searchable? Here’s a quick and easy way to create a search engine from the links on your web page.

It’s simple – just copy and paste this code.

  • Copy the code below and paste it into your webpage’s HTML.
  • A search box will appear on that page instantly!
  • When you do a search, you’ll see results from the sites your page links to.

Even better?  (see the bottom right)

Want to customize more?
Create a Custom Search Engine and:

  • Specify more sites to include
  • Customize the style of your results pages
  • Make money with AdSense for Search

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