Oil Industry Controls The President

I’ve said it plenty of times over and over again, but I’ll say it again. The Bush presidency is controlled by the Oil Industry. I mean, someone (in this case President Bush) just can’t take control of an oil company, run it into the ground, then eventually become president and not owe somebody something, and by something, I mean A LOT! How else could a coke sniffing, alcoholic from Connecticut get the appearance that he’s a Born Again Christian from Texas?

Either way, here’s the article that prompted this rant: Oil industry scales back refinery plans, a selection from the story below…

This spring, refiners, hampered by outages, could not keep up with demand and imports were down because of greater fuel demand in Europe and elsewhere. Despite stable — even sometimes declining — oil prices, gasoline prices soared to record levels and remain well above $3 a gallon.

Consumer advocates maintain the oil industry likes it that way.

“By creating a situation of extremely tight supply, the oil companies gain control over price at the wholesale level,” said Mark Cooper of the Consumer Federation of America. He argued that a wave of mergers in recent years created a refining industry that “has no interest in creating spare (refining) capacity.”


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