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I think it’s about time I stopped duplicating material on here. It’s seems that there is a good chance the duplicate material hurts my Search Engine rankings, so for now for more of me and my blogging, please see THE FATTY TALKS (.com)



5 New Posts to Better Your Blog

Always reading and learning to improve your blog or  web site is crucial, here are 5 recent articles that will help you out…

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  3. A Definitive StumbleUpon Guide: Driving Traffic To Websites (Shaun Low)
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  5. 5 things you should already know in WordPress (little ubuntu)

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Google Hot Trends has iPhone Price Drop as 2nd Hottest Search

Google Trends Google Hot Trends for September 6th, 2007 is now showing 2.iphone price drop, which I find a little odd, since there are way too few people out there who should really care about that compared to the new iPods. Anyways, here’s where the rest of Apple’s related searches follow: 46.iphone refund. That’s it, the rest is Fashion and Football for the most part…

Pee Powered Battery Now Available

No shit??? (sorry if you realized the pun )


Pee Powered Battery Now Available (via TreeHugger)

Overheard New Yorkers are a little Sexual

Drunken cheerleader to fat friend: We’re the hottest non-lesbian girl couple ever.–68th & Lex

JAP: He asked me to rub his chest hair. I was like, ‘Can I braid your chest hair, put little beads on it and make it shimmy so I can pretend I’m on vacation?’–6 train

Drunk girl: I’m not a whore. I just like to have my crotch touched.–Mercury Lounge, LES

20-ish girl: You would rather I put where I pee in where you shit?!
Gay teen: Yes, oh god, yes! It is better than putting where I pee in something that you bleed, pee, and have babies come out of!–Outside the Met

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Super Mario Galaxy New Images

 Super Mario Galaxy

For a whole slew of Super Mario Galaxy New Images (via NWiiZone)

Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Now Available – Microsoft Live Installer Package Snuck in

Windows Live Writer Info I kind of was expecting Live Writer to come out of Beta, but I suppose it could be a good thing that it didn’t. Either way, I’m excited, since this is my primary blogging tool.

***Microsoft Sneaks in the Windows Live installation into the installation….

Windows Live Installer Package

Some highlights of this release:

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